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Lifting Equipment Inspection

Lifting Equipment Inspection

Why Do I Need To Have A Lifting Equipment Inspection?

Before we get to the statutory inspection of lifting equipment it is essential that suitable maintenance of the lifting equipment is carried out to ensure it remains safe for use which is a requirement of the UK legislation  PUWER. In some cases – to assist with this, and detect any deterioration so it can be remedied in good time – lifting equipment may need to be inspected between thorough examinations. Such inspections need to be undertaken by suitably trained and competent people, which can often be the lifting equipment operator or maintenance personnel or someone who has passed the ILEEB Engineers membership application process.

The nature, need for and frequency of such inspections should be determined through risk assessment, taking full account of any manufacturer’s recommendations. Further recommendations on inspection relating to cranes are given in British Standard 7121 British Standard Code of Practice for Inspection. Alternatively you are able to request an ILEEB engineers handbook which has all suitable and necessary information within. Contact us


What Should Happen in Your Lifting Equipment Inspection

Though this is typically at the jurisdiction of the person carrying out the lifting equipment inspection, there are a few things which should always be checked. Often, there is a criterion which can be followed and checked off by the competent person (an inspection report). This will include:

  • Examination of the equipment/testing of the functionality
  • Measuring the wear level
  • ID and Serial Number
  • If required, disassembly of equipment to thoroughly inspect

This inspection will test if the lifting equipment is safe to use and will not cause harm to those who need it. 

As a rule, examinations should be carried out every 6 months for lifting equipment which carries people as this poses the highest safety risk. Lifting accessories should also be inspected every half a year as they can be fatal if damaged. Other types of standard lifting equipment can be inspected yearly if necessary. If you require more a lifting equipment inspection get in touch with ILEEB Members or if you require any more information contact us!

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