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The International Lifting Equipment Engineers Bureau (ILEEB) is the home of all things lifting. Through the platform we have built we aim to ensure development of the lifting industry, connecting those within the industry and ensuring the best practices to implement safety and compliance. Our two main services are explained below.


ILEEB Memberships


The international lifting Equipment Engineers Bureau (ILEEB) have created a platform that is engineering focused. Our ileeb memberships are designed for Lifting Equipment Engineers who wish to be apart of a community who are all about development and accelling career progress.. Our aims are to promote good practice, provide engineers with necessary support, ensure all qualifications are valid and the development of the lifting equipment industry. Through our ileeb membership programmes you gain access to a large range of support and other benefits which you can see here. We aim to serve as the hub of lifting industry, finding engineers work, international job opportunities, innovation of the lifting industry and much more. To find out how you can apply for your membership today please click here




ILEEB – The International Lifting Equipment Engineers Bureau is the go to lifting equipment accreditation. On award of the ILEEB accreditation organisations get access to our full suite of benefits. Be at the forefront of the lifting industry. Access to free technical consultancy, logo usage, exposure to other companies, exclusive news, discounted training and much more. A real great opportunity to open your organisation up to new work, network with engineers, and demonstrate complete compliance.

Here at ILEEB we are attempting to create the home for all lifting equipment professionals and organisations. We decided there needed to be a centralised register for the lifting industry where organisations were able to find good and reputable organisations but also able to find sole lifting equipment engineers across the globe who are also open to work

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