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Why the ILEEB Accreditation?


Why Chose The ILEEB Accreditation?

The International Lifting Equipment Engineers Bureau (ILEEB) is the home of all things lifting. Through the platform we have built we aim to ensure development of the lifting industry, connecting those within the industry and ensuring the best practices to implement safety and compliance. 

So Why Chose The ILEEB Accreditation?  


Where we are different from many accrediting bodies is that we not only audit the organisations policies and procedures we also audit the engineers themselves. This is because an organisation may have all the correct procedures and policies but doesn’t mean an organisation follows good practice and is compliant when it actually comes to lifting.

The Benefits you would gain from the ILEEB Accreditation is as follows.

1)  ILEEB Certificate of Accreditation (Displays compliance and good practice within the lifting industry)

2) Discount off of Engineer Registration with ILEEB.  Cost of a Standard Membership but access to all executive benefits. 75USD registration fee for as many engineers you want to register (discounted from usual of 25USD per Engineer)  All engineers receive a members card and cert

3) Resources – Marketing material, engineers handbooks, news releases, legislation debates, new concepts, projects etc,

4) Engineering Forum – Network with 100’s of engineers in the forum. Find engineers for jobs that are out of your reach or for that extra man power.

5) Discounted Lifting Equipment – We are able to offer high quality, durable lifting equipment from suppliers at a fraction of the cost anywhere in the globe

6) Discounted Training – Any industrial training we are able to put you in touch with the right people at the right price. 

7) E-Learning – We are about to launch our ILEEB Approved Training courses online. Companies can get these at a discounted rate or buy bulk of the online training courses and redistribute them (if appropriate) 

8) Consultancy Team – The ILEEB team have worked in the industry almost everywhere on the globe. So from marketing advise through local legislation or technical support ILEEB offer their consultancy team completely free of the charge.

9) Industry Opportunities – We spot large tenders coming up, job opportunities, gaps in the market, new hot spots for the lifting industry etc


ILEEB is much more than just an accreditation or membership. It’s a complete package that gives an organisation that extra edge over the competition but also ensuring best practices and compliance.


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