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ILEEB has made a platform that is engineer focused. Our verified Engineers receive an members card and certificate . On top of this our verified engineers profiles are visible to 1000’s of organisations who are some way involved in the lifting equipment industry. A great opportunity to open yourself up to work, network with other engineers, get access to resources you didn’t have before.

ILEEB Membership Perks


Technical Support

Unlimited access to founding members consultancy services, documentation and updates on the latest legislation


Job Opportunities

Through our online database companies are able to find your profile and get in touch for work or be the first to know about a vacancy.



You are issued with a membership card and certificate as an approved ILEEB Engineer


Discounted training

Through our international network we are able to get you the best possible pricing for all lifting related training


Global network

Network with other lifting equipment engineers from across the world, share ideas, solved problems become connected



Request any documentation, marketing material, legislation in relation to the lifting industry.

ILEEB - Verified Engineer

How Get Verified

Submit Free Application (Below)

Once your application is submitted we will audit all your documentation you will be asked to conduct a short competency interview by one of our technical team.

Completion of Application

On completion of the application we will inform of our decision. If successful you will become a verified member of international lifting equipment engineers bureau and a membership card and certificate will be issued


We charge a one off fee of $25 for the application process, if unsuccessful you . This includes the cost of the audit, interview and issuing of card and certificate. We then charge a $5 monthly membership fee in order to access all of our services.