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The International Lifting Equipment  Engineers Bureau is the home of all things lifting. Through the platform we have built we aim to ensure development of the lifting industry, connecting those within the industry and ensuring the best practices to implement safety and compliance


The International Lifting Equipment Engineers Bureau is the home of all things lifting. We decided there needed to be a centralised register for the lifting industry where organisations were able to find good and reputable organisations but also able to find sole lifting equipment engineers who are also open to work. All the ILEEB lifting equipment engineers go through a vetting process to ensure qualifications, competency and profiles are all verified. We aim to provide individuals and organisations within the lifting industry the necessary support to ensure they are given a competitive edge. Through our range of technical support, training services and membership extras we provide our memb

More About ILEEB

ILEEB Accreditation

ILEEB’s Accreditation is the lifting equipment accreditation. Apply to be registered today. You will gain access to our lifting equipment engineers database, full use of logo, supportive resources, consultancy services and technical support all free of charge. Learn More

Individual Memberships

Become a registered member of the International lifting equipment engineers bureau. On completion of membership you are issued with a certificate and member card. You will also have full access to our consultation services and other supporting resources. Learn More

Technical Support

Our expert lifting equipment technical advisors have all worked in the lifting equipment industry and are here to cater for all your lifting queries and uncertainties. From compliance with legislation such as LOLER or lifting related advice once a member or accredited you have unlimited access to our consultancy services and exclusive documentation.

Lifting Equipment Engineers Database

Gain access to our lifting equipment engineers database to find the perfect engineer. Rest assured all ILEEB Approved Lifting Equipment Engineers have been audited so the engineers qualifications and level of competency are 100% clear. 

What we Stand for

ILEEB - Efficiency


We work with multiple lifting organisations across the globe in order to continue offering innovative solutions and developing the industry.


We settle for nothing other than the best. This is reflected in our screening and auditing processes for our approved engineers and organisations.

ILEEB - Efficiency


Unlike many organisations like ourselves we understand time is at the essence. Our promise to you is a swift, thorough and efficent service.