Accreditation Process - ILEEB

How to Become Ileeb Accredited

4 Simple Steps To Becoming ILEEB Verified Accredited.

Step 1 - Application

Fill in the application form provided on the join page which can be found here. We will require Business name, Contact Details, policies, copies of engineers documents.  Then our technical teams will complete an audit on all of the documentation provided.

Step 2 - Choose Your Package

Depending on what you wish to get out of the ILEEB Accreditation we have different packages. All packages do include the basic benefits such as certification, use of logo, data placed on database, discounted training etc. 

Step 3 - Review of Documentation

One of technical team members will then conduct a desktop audit of your application. Here we review your documentation to confirm to us that you have been maintaining compliance. 

Step 4 - Awarded ILEEB Certification

On a successful application we award you with the ILEEB accreditation. Depending on the package chosen you will also receive immediate access of all the ILEEB Accreditations benefits.