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The Most Powerful Mobile Crane In The World

Mobile Crane

What is the most powerful mobile crane in the world? Well the answer to that question is the Liebherr LTM 11200 and it stretches 2/3 the way up the Eiffel tower and can in theory lift 4 747 planes.

LOLER Online Course


ILEEB are proud to offer the worlds first online portable lifting equipment inspection course, commonly known as a LOLER online course

Why the ILEEB Accreditation?


back to all Why Chose The ILEEB Accreditation? The International Lifting Equipment Engineers Bureau (ILEEB) is the home of all things lifting. Through the platform we have built we aim to ensure development of the lifting industry, connecting those within the industry and ensuring the best practices to implement safety and compliance.  So Why Chose […]

Lifting Equipment Inspection

Lifting Equipment Inspection

back to all Why Do I Need To Have A Lifting Equipment Inspection? Before we get to the statutory inspection of lifting equipment it is essential that suitable maintenance of the lifting equipment is carried out to ensure it remains safe for use which is a requirement of the UK legislation¬†¬†PUWER. In some cases – […]

What is LOLER 1998?

ILEEB - About us

back to all WHAT IS LOLER 1998? LOLER stands for The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998. LOLER is in place to ensure organisations who operate or have control over lifting equipment and lifting accessories have a set standard and procedure they must work to. In simple terms LOLER is to ensure that all […]

The ILEEB Accreditation

ILEEB - Efficiency

back to all The ILEEB Accreditation The Lifting Equipment Accreditation to Have ILEEB – The International Lifting Equipment Engineers Bureau is the go to lifting equipment accreditation. On award of the ILEEB accreditation organisations get access to our full suite of benefits. Be at the forefront of the lifting industry. Access to free technical consultancy, […]

Who Are ILEEB?


Who is ILEEB? ILEEB The international lifting equipment engineers bureau serves as the platform for all things lifting